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What does it mean to “be” one of the best dentists in Apex?

What does it mean to “be” one of the best dentists in Apex?

Every time a patient tells us that we are the best dentist they’ve ever been to, we blush. We hem and haw, and we give a big “Aw shucks!” as we look down and grind our toe into the ground.

The truth is that we never set out to BE the best, we only set out to GIVE the best customer service that has ever been done in dentistry, and to encourage all other dentists to do the same. And, thanks to incredible community support and much enthusiasm from our dental compatriots in the area, we’re on the way to fulfilling that mission.

At this point, you’d be hard pressed to deny that Better Dental is making waves in the community. The masses have spoken on YelpGoogleZocdoc, and elsewhere. The people don’t lie, and apparently, they are picking up what we are laying down. When reviews declare that we are among the best dentists in Apex and, far beyond — or even  that we are “the best dentist in the whole world!” who are we to argue?

But, before we go on declaring ourself the best dentist in Apex, and congratulating ourselves too much, let’s take a moment to recognize some of the other great dental offices in and around Apex who are simillarly commited to raising patient care standards.

We condudted a few online experiments, to see if we could determine who are the best dentists in Apex (and, for the scope of this little experiment, we will define “best” as: Most Highly Rated, Most Highly Talked About, and Most Engaged with the Community). We are thrilled to recognize the awesome contribution of these fine dental offices, and the way that they prioritize  patient experience and help their dental patients in feel the love in Apex. Feel free to conduct these experiments yourself, as the results will probably change over time.


QUESTION: Who Is Highly Rated on Yelp?

EXPERIMENT 1 :  Go to and type in “dentists” location: Apex, NC.  Sort by “highest rated.”  Let’s try to find out who are the best reviewed dentists in Apex? Who is the highest reviewed dentist in Apex?

In addition to Better Dental, here are the other dental offices that rise to the top!

Apex Smiles: 

“I’ve gone to several dentists in my life, but never any as good as Dr. Chirnalli!  He has the utmost in professionalism, skill, consideration for patient’s pain thresholds & their budget, and on top of these qualities is kind and caring.” — Allyson V. Hillsborough, NC

Pezdek Dental Care: 

“Dr. Pezdek is no doubt the best dentist I’ve ever visited. His work is superlative, and he truly cares about his patients. The best thing about Dr. Pezdek is his “chair-side” manner. He always takes the time to explain every step of the procedure. And he has a really steady hand. I’ve never felt more than a minimal amount of discomfort.” — Kimberly S. Holly Springs, NC

Leahy Family Dentistry: 

“The office is clean and inviting and all equipment is state-of-the-art.  Another plus, is you expect to pay more because of the nice equipment and office and you don’t.  The Leahy’s work directly with our insurance company, and we do not pay anything above and beyond what our out-of-pocket responsibility is from the insurance company.” — Avaisha T, Apex NC


QUESTION: Who Are People Reviewing and Talking About Most?

EXPERIMENT 2: Go to Google Plus Local and type “dentist”, with location “Apex, NC”. This will give you an unsorted list of all the dentists who have received Google reviews. Let’s see which dentist in Apex is getting people talking the most.

Apex Smiles: 43 reviews, 26169 views

Better Dental: 97 reviews, 19384 views

Pezdek Dental Care: 13 reviews, 6287 views

Spielberg Orthodontics : 19 reviews, 28719 views 

Altherr Orthodontics: 52 reviews, 6380 views

Now, this experiment doesn’t tell us who is the highest rated on Google, but it does give a good idea of which dental offices are really getting people excited to review and talk about them. Way to go, everyone! Call us geeks, but to us, it is really exciting to see so many people engaged in the conversation about the quality of dental care and patient experience. Thank you, Almighty Google.


QUESTION: Who Is Engaging the Community on Facebook?

EXPERIMENT 3:  Visit and search for “Dentist Offices Near Apex, North Carolina”. This will generate a ranked list  of the dental offices in Apex who are the most engaged on Facebook. Which dentists are the facebook fan favorites? Who are the most popular dentists in Apex, according to Facebook?

And, the results, in order:

Better Dental

Spielberg Orthodontics

Altherr Orthodontics

Peak City Family Dentistry 

Beavers Family Dentistry 

Man! Would you look at that. It is so awesome to these dental offices engaging the community on Facebook, making friends, and improving dental patient experience in Apex, NC.


So, who are “the best dentists in Apex”??


Of course, this is hardly a scientific experiment.  There are plenty of great dentists in Apex who did didn’t show up on any of these experiments, but it is exciting to see that so many dental practices are taking patient experience seriously and going online to share the love.

This is a big win for all of us!

And, we won’t go so far as to delcare this a DEFINITIVE list of the best dentists in Apex, we will say that these are some strong contenders, who objectively speaking: have shown that they are getting people excited on the internet.

And, without further ado, here is our list of some of the best dentists in Apex, in no particular order:

Apex Smiles 

Spielberg Orthodontics

Altherr Orthodontics

Peak City Family Dentistry 

Beavers Family Dentistry

Leahy Family Dentistry

Better Dental


PS:  Extra Shout Outs to the dentists in Apex who, like Better Dental, were among the top results in more than one of our three little experiments: Pezdek Dental Care, Spielberg Orthodontics, and Altherr Orthodontics!!


So, who did we leave outt?? And which Apex dentist deserves a shout out in our next blog post? Let us know in the comments!