Our Technology

At Better Dental, we work hard every day to bring our patients the best care and quality services dentistry has to offer. As part of our mission to provide the best, we utilize the latest technology in our practice. This offers more speed, accuracy, and convenience in our services while also prioritizing patient comfort. Detailed information about these innovations is included below, along with how they might impact patients’ next visit with us. 

CEREC Machinery
CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) is a machine used in our office to create fast and accurate restorations. The technology utilizes computer-aided design and manufacturing systems to custom-create same-day crowns for our patients. 

  • The process involves creating a digital impression of the patient’s mouth. 
  • Then, this imaging is uploaded into a computer program where our dentist can design the tooth perfectly to blend in with your surrounding teeth. 
  • Once the design is complete, this is uploaded into our milling machine, where the crown is manufactured from a block of composite material. 
  • Finally, the new crown is ready to be placed within the same day! 

iTero for Invisalign®
The iTero scanner can create a 3D image of our patient’s teeth for higher accuracy than dental putty and more comfort for our patients. The scanner takes up to 6,000 images each second, producing a precisely detailed and interactive image. 

The iTero system is able to track a patient’s progress with Invisalign and show them the end result before treatment is done. Even before the first set of aligners is worn, the patient is introduced to their newly straightened smile!

Our Cone Beam CT scan produces an incredibly detailed 3D image of our patient’s entire oral structure. The imaging can be used to assess jaw bone health, the location of nerves, and to view each tooth’s exact position. In our office, its abilities are especially helpful for implant placement. 

The imaging allows our dentist to prepare for implant placement by determining the perfect position of the implant and ensuring the bone density is sufficient to support it. This significantly increases the success rate of the implant placement procedure.

Oral Cameras
Using our oral cameras, we are able to scan patients’ teeth and provide a clearer view of hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. This allows us to inspect and map tooth surfaces, gum health, and cavity development in exceptional detail.

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