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Even though Cary, NC is mostly known for being one of the hottest towns in the United States, the town has a lot more to offer its residents. Different cultural events are held in the town regularly and that helps increase the bond between the communities. There are also many recreational amenities and facilities that you can enjoy while living here. We at Better Dental do our best to make it easier for you to access the services of a good family dentist in Cary, NC. 

We value all our patients and we try to give them a wholesome experience when they come to us for help. To us, your smile is a very valuable gift and that’s why we do our best to restore it and help you maintain it. We want you and your entire family to feel comfortable while smiling, which is why we make sure you have strong healthy teeth. Our Services 

General Dentistry

Our general dentistry services cover various areas such as prevention of dental problems, diagnosis of those problems as well as their treatment. We do thorough checkups to identify early signs after which we implement the right treatment protocols. 

Family Dentistry

We operate with the understanding that children and adults in Cary, NC need different types of dental care. For instance, one member of the family may need root canal treatment while another needs teeth whitening. We, therefore, give each member personalized care to ensure the whole family has their exact needs met. 

Oral Surgery 

Oral surgery may include different procedures such as the installation of dental implants but we try to make you as comfortable as possible. We only use this as a last resort when every other solution isn’t possible. We also make sure the tooth restoration procedure goes smoothly the first time. We discuss the steps involved in oral surgery with our patients to ensure you get all the information. We also use sedation dentistry to maximize your comfort level. 

For children, we try to use noninvasive procedures such as Invisalign and we create a friendly and relaxing environment for them to eliminate their fear of dentists. You can be sure that our friendly staff will make you feel relaxed as you get the best dentistry services Cary, NC has to offer. Give us a call today and our team of professionals will handle you with utmost care.

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