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If your child is having trouble nursing or has difficulty speaking as they grow older, a condition called tongue-tie may be the cause. At Better Dental, we can treat tongue-ties with a frenectomy—a simple procedure that helps restore normal function to your child’s tongue.

Our expert team is proud to offer a cutting-edge approach to performing frenectomies that uses a laser in place of a traditional metal scalpel. If you’re in the Cary, NC, area, give us a call today to schedule a consultation for you and your child. We look forward to meeting you both!

What is a frenectomy?

Your lips and gums are connected by a piece of soft tissue called the frenum. Some people are born with a frenum that connects too closely to the tip of the tongue, resulting in a feeling of tightness within the mouth that can make it difficult to breastfeed or develop speech properly. This is sometimes referred to as tongue-tie, as an undersized frenum often restricts the tongue’s ability to move.

A frenectomy is a short, minor surgery that can correct tongue-tie or related conditions and is typically performed on infants or young children, but adults who have lived with the condition for years are also candidates. The dentist makes a small incision in the frenum, which gives the tongue or lip a greater range of motion. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and usually results in immediate improvement in an infant or young child’s ability to nurse and use their mouth normally. 

Why choose Better Dental for your child’s frenectomy? 

Dentists have typically performed frenectomies with a metal scalpel. However, we’re excited to be able to offer a high-tech new option: laser surgery! By using a laser, we are able to perform frenectomies more quickly and safely than ever.

The laser helps keep the surgical site sterile by instantly cauterizing every incision—no stitches necessary. This both reduces discomfort and boosts recovery time, and also allows us to work with a higher degree of accuracy and precision.

We also have a great deal of experience doing this procedure. Over the years, our dentists have performed thousands of frenectomies, and look forward to putting that know-how to use to help your child!

A frenectomy can help:

  • Make it easier for your infant to nurse
  • Cause you less pain during breastfeeding
  • Improve your child’s ability to develop speech
  • Give your child the ability to move their tongue and/or lips normally

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