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Better Dental is committed to helping you feel good, look good and smile BIG with our family dental services in Apex, NC. 

What we can do for you

Strong, healthy, and clean teeth—this is the paragon of oral health. Better Dental offers a variety of dental solutions and services to meet your every need. With our emphasis on modern technologies we’ll use advanced tools and equipment to make your visit as effective, precise and comfortable as possible. We’ll explain what we’ll do, help you prepare for it, and provide easy-to-follow after-care instructions.


Get white, clean teeth that are in perfect alignment. Apart from giving you a beautiful smile, a perfect healthy bite helps you chew food properly.

General Dentistry

Stay on top of your oral health. We help you prevent gum and oral diseases, teach you the best practices in oral health, and spot dental issues early on.

Oral Surgery

Go through your oral surgery with compassionate dentists who take your comfort into account. With swift, sure hands and a soothing chair-side manner, our dentists put patients at ease.

Family Dentistry

Keep your teeth healthy, no matter your age. We offer different oral services for all ages, including sealants, fillings, crowns, bridges, and more.

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Dentists Who Care About You

We’re familiar with the story—a lot of people, from children to adults, don’t go to the dentist because the dental chair makes them uneasy. That’s why Better Dental creates a comfortable and inviting environment, where every patient would feel safe and cozy. At our clinic, you’ll feel relaxed and at home, no matter the procedure.

Case in point: we have soft pillows and warm blankets for you and your kids. Check-ups are judgement-free; you can talk to us about anything, including your dental habits, sedation, cleanings etc. Netflix and Pandora Radio for those who wait – did I mention our amazing chocolate-chip cookies, you have to come in and give a taste!!! We also have chips and beverages. Plus, we offer cost-management options in Apex, NC.

You have the peace of mind that the dentists taking care of you are well-trained and highly professional. They’ve handled all sorts of dental problems before; trust that they can address yours.

Oxford's Kids

Oxford’s Kids are kids who love to SMILE! They work hard to keep their teeth super clean and bright! While at the dentist office, Oxford’s Kids enjoy games, coloring, and watching their favorite videos. And, Oxford’s Kids love getting a treasure from the Ox Box of Treasures!

Oxford the OX

Choose the patient care-focused family dentist in Apex, NC. Call for check-ups, cleaning, implants, oral surgery — any dental concern you may have!

Reviews from Happy Patients

What our patients think about our level of quality care matters to us. We appreciate your feedback; we do actually sweat the small stuff, you’re important to us.

Your Friendly Family Dentists

Better Dental has a team of seasoned, warm, and approachable dentists who’ll make your visit to our clinic in Apex, NC a fun experience.We’re easy to talk to, so you can tell us all your dental concerns. We’ll show you the appropriate remedies as well as prevention measures.

Meet our dentists, and discover why people of all ages love to come to our clinic.

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