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A BetterSmile

What if your next dentist appointment was pain free and fun?

Leave your next appointment with a brilliant smile, ready to take on the world. At BetterDental we stand behind every dental cleaning, porcelain filling and more.

If you avoid visiting the dentist due to negative experiences you can rest assured that we offer the latest in pain free and anxiety free dentistry right down to the warm blankets, memory foam pillows, and hot towels. A confident smile is truly affordable. Save time and money by getting all your dental care in one place. Discover the benefits of receiving cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and annual cleanings and checkups all in one place. We help patients navigate financing, down payment options, medical insurance, and FSA coverage every day. We make understanding the cost of Invisalign, dental implants and other care easy.Don’t put off getting your perfect smile one more day.

More Than A Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Draper and his staff at BetterDental are amazing! I brought my 7 week old baby there for a tongue and lip tie laser revision. I could not be happier with the way we were treated. Jessica, Melissa, and Maggie took their time with my baby and she was so comfortable with all of them. I would highly recommend anyone. M Watson – Apex Dentist Office

Building a Better Experience

Better Dental has people talking. Read reviews from around the web, and then book your first appointment to find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.

No Waiting

Great staff, great doctors, great location, always a pleasure even when they have to fix something. They always go out of their way to accommodate you, got an appointment on short notice no big deal.

– Richard L. May 2018 – Dentist Appointment Review, Apex, NC

Caring is Our Business

More than just offering quality service, we want to better the entire profession of dentistry by innovating an enjoyable, me morable, better dental experience. We wish to inspire dentists everywhere to make better experiences the new normal.

Best Dentist In Apex

The experience I had with Better Dental was great. I had some great good experience with people who have patience who does exactly what you ask them to do. This is a place where people like me needed along time ago.

– Noleen C. April 2018 – Dentist Appointment Review, Apex, NC

Dental Implants



Teeth Whitening

Free Consultation

Thinking about improving your smile? We provide free consultations and second opinions as our way of saying “Welcome.” It’s just one of the many reasons we won first place in Indy Week’s Best of the Triangle in 2015.

A Much Better Dentist Appointment

I avoided seeing a dentist for 6yrs because the last one I saw. From the moment you walk in the door this place is nothing but a pleasure. They understand anxiety and bad experiences like no other.

– Shannon R. April 2018 -Dentist Appointment Review, Apex, NC

Better Dental Guarantee

We offer a fifty year guarantee on the workmanship of our porcelain restorations. If you’re looking for a great family dentist, a dentist for your kids, or even a cosmetic dentist in Apex who offers peace of mind and stands behind their work – your search ends here.

Great Pediatric Dentist

Truly amazing experience with Dr. Draper! He very quickly diagnosed my daughter’s lip and tongue tie and I immediately noticed a big improvement in breastfeeding right after the procedure. I would highly recommend. Better Dental.

– Lauren D. April 2018 – Dentist Appointment Review, Apex, NC

24/7 Support

Helpful, knowledgeable human beings are available to take your call around the clock. We’re your one-stop dental resource – your family dentist and cosmetic dentist in Apex. We offer a wide range of services and we’re serious about offering dedicated, great customer service 24 hours a day!

Best Treatment Options

I had a fantastic experience visiting a dentist first time in the US. They answered all my questions and gave me detailed explanation about possible treatments. Professional and very nice team, I highly recommend them to everyone.

– Ilona H. April 2018 – Dentist Appointment Review, Apex, NC

My Invisalign Journey


May 1, 2018

I had braces when I was in my late teens. Wait. I didn’t just have braces, that is an understatement. I had braces and a very complex oral surgery. After a painful oral surgery and two long years, my braces came off my teeth where beautiful. I did everything right, I wore my upper retainer for two years. I even had a permanent lower retainer that I wore for 10 years. However, over time my teeth become crooked again. At 40 years old I just couldn’t see myself in metal braces but I also couldn’t see myself continuing to have crooked teeth. The last straw was when one of my 6-year-old Sunday School student said I had “witch teeth”. I thanked her for her honesty and made an appointment with my dentist on Monday.

After my consultation with my dentist, I decided to go with Invisalign. I liked the idea of the clear plastic adjustment trays. I am an executive and I do lots of public speaking. I liked the idea that no one would notice the Invisalign. My dentist used a special machine to take a few impressions of my teeth. The impressions were sent off to Invisalign and in two weeks my first set of Invisalign trays will arrive.

May 14, 2018

I was just fitted with my first Invisalign tray. They are a little weird and I talk with a slight lisp. I was assured that this would go away in about a week as I adjusted to the treatment. I have to wear the Invisalign trays for 22 hours a day! I can’t wear them when I eat or drink anything other than water. So that gives me 2 hours a day to eat. That is going to be difficult for me because I am a “grazer”.  I feel clumsy trying to get the Invisalign trays in and out of my mouth. I can tell this will take some adjustment. I have to come back in on week to get my next 4 weeks worth of Invisalign trays. The dentist said they would add attachments to my teeth at that time. It sounds like it will be simple.