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Fluoride Treatment For Kids

Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Protect your smile against dental decay

People of any age can benefit from fluoride treatments in conjunction with their regular dental cleanings.

Fluoride interacts with the calcium and minerals that occur naturally in your saliva, and helps prevent cavities, while hardening and remineralizing small imperfections in the tooth’s surface. At our dental office in Apex, we provide fluoride varnish, which effectively strengthens the structure and integrity of your teeth, while helping to prevent cavities.

Even though fluoride is particularly recommended for children, we encourage our adult guests to use fluoride as a proactive measure against decay and dental disease.

Quick and Easy Topical Fluoride Varnish

Here’s how and why it’s done

When you or your child comes in for your regular cleaning and check up, we may recommend a topical fluoride application, depending on your dental health history. Conventional fluoride treatment is administered as a gel or foam that is given to you in a u-shaped tray and then soaks for several minutes. While this is generally effective – it does have some limitations: the gel or foam usually washes away quickly in the presence of saliva, lessening the benefits of fluoride.

At Better Dental, we treat our guests with an adhesive fluoride varnish that is designed to last for hours — without the use of dental trays. As the fluoride is absorbed by the surfaces of the teeth, it interacts with saliva, creating an anti-microbial surface on the teeth that repels plaque-causing germs.

Better Dental’s fluoride varnish has several key benefits compared to conventional fluoride treatments:

  • Available in different flavors (especially helpful for kids)
  • Easily and quickly applied
  • No gag reflex caused by conventional fluoride trays
  • Varnish dries and absorbs rapidly, even in the presence of saliva
  • Less fluoride is swallowed, avoiding potential stomach aches for children and sensitive adults
  • Does not risk fluorosis, a potential danger with conventional fluoride treatments
  • Adhesive texture sticks to tooth surface and keeps fluoride in contact with tooth surfaces

Fluoride treatments of every type can make teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities. Fluoride is a safe, effective way to fight and prevent cavities for kids and adults.

Universal Benefit of Fluoride

But it’s especially important for some

If any of these sound like you, you may particularly benefit from fluoride treatment:

  • You regularly drink non-fluoridated bottled water, well water or distilled water
  • You are not in the habit of brushing and flossing every day
  • You are not able to visit the dentist frequently
  • You anticipate limited access to dental care or dental insurance in the upcoming 12 months, such as overseas travel, university, military, unemployment, etc.
  • You take prescription medications that list “dry mouth” as a side effect (even if you don’t noticeably suffer form dry mouth – your medication may reduce salivary flow enough to negatively affect your dental health)
  • You’ve had radiation therapy to the neck and/or head; radiation damages salivary glands and may contribute to dry mouth and dental caries
  • You have receding gums or exposed teeth roots; those with receding gums have particular risk for dental decay, and could benefit from fluoride
  • You have a history of dental disease, gingivitis, or frequent cavities and fillings
  • You have had one or more cavities in any of your front (non-molar) teeth; fluoride is particularly helpful in preventing cavities on smooth tooth surfaces, like front teeth – or for those with weak enamel

Using Fluoride At Home

Proactive cavity defense

After learning about your dental health and history, we may recommend fluoride treatments every three, six, or twelve months at your regular check up appointments at our dental practice in Apex. We may also prescribe at-home fluoride treatments such as mouthwash, gels, or prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste. When choosing your own toothpaste, always look for the ADA badge of approval, which is only given to toothpastes containing fluoride.

On many dental care products, this badge from the American Dental Association lets you know that a product is proven to be safe and effective for your teeth. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding dental care and at-home hygiene. This badge of ADA approval is a quick and easy way to know which products are confirmed to be beneficial to your oral health.