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Best Option For Porcelain Crowns

The benefit of a porcelain crown is they replicate the original tooth function and often look better than the original tooth. Patients frequently select a porcelain crown to cover up the front portion of the tooth which may have an aesthetic flaw. New porcelain crown technology adds not just cosmetic appeal but removes very little enamel and adds additional reinforcement.

Enamel-Saving Porcelain Partial Crown

Porcelain Onlay Restoration

  • An “Onlay Restoration”
  • 3D porcelain-sculpting technology
  • Complete treatment with a partial crown in a single visit
  • Less invasive than a complete crown procedure.
  • Enhance natural tooth preservation
  • Excellent intermediary treatment between a filling and a full crown

Partial Crown Procedure

Here’s how it’s done

  • Not as intrusive as crown preparation
  • Less tooth structure is removed from the surface than a full crown
  • Single visit for for x-rays, impressions and restoration.
  • No temporary crown

Benefits of Partial Crowns

Quick, Affordable, Noninvasive

  • 3D imaging technology makes porcelain quick and convenient
  • Same-day, single-visit appointments often possible
  • Less expensive than complete crown
  • Less invasive than complete crown
  • Backed by our Better Dental Guarantee