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Your First Visit

Your First Visit

A whole new experience


Whether you book your appointment online, by phone, in person, or even if you just decided to walk-in without an appointment, we will look forward to meeting you. When you step foot inside the newly constructed Better Dental office, you’re in for a new kind of dental experience: one that may change the way you think about dental care forever.

We are out to revolutionize the dental care industry by offering unique amenities, services, and a heartfelt emphasis on the experience of our guests. Our goal is to offer customer service unlike any that has been done before in the world of dental care.

So, of course your first visit will begin with a warm greeting from one of our friendly team members. They will get you set up and ready for your appointment by helping you check in with one of our iPads. Our quick and easy questionnaire isn’t just a cut-and-dry list of facts to check: it’s an opportunity for us to get to know you.

Then, if you still have a few minutes until your appointment, you may like to pass the time watching Netflix on the iPad you were provided, or maybe you’ll enjoy a complimentary beverage or snack while you wait.

Comprehensive Dental Care

The latest technology in diagnosis

Next, you’ll be introduced to one of our caring dental assistants or hygienists who will escort you to your personal treatment suite. (If you’d like the grand tour, just let us know — we’re always very proud to show off our beautiful new office.) With your permission, we’ll take a few photos for better diagnosis and planning.

Your comprehensive exam will include an Oral-ID fluorescence blue light oral cancer screening. A complete review of your dental history and an index of your periodontal health will also be included. During your exam, you can pick up your Netflix entertainment right where you left off! Instead of have a bright light shining in your eyes – you can recline comfortably to a personalized entertainment system.

Your exam wouldn’t be complete without updating any needed radiographs. These we do with HD intraoral X-rays and 3D Panoramics, all digital of course.

Our low dose digital radiography technology is so safe and low in radiation, that the danger of overexposure is essentially zero. A couple of quick snapshots with the Nomad 2 Digital X-Ray System, and we’ve got a clear picture of your complete oral health.

Meet Your Dentist

Our dentists are kind of amazing

After your initial examination and digital x-rays, your dentist will introduce himself and show you the x-ray images (on your personal LCD display). As you discuss the x-rays together and explore any options or recommendations that he may have, we’re sure you’ll be able to tell how much we care about each of our guests, new and old.

And, when it comes to treatment recommendations, you can be sure that we have the utmost compassion and empathy for our guests with dental complications.

Well, That Was Easy

Your exam is complete

Can we help you with anything else today?

Before you leave, you may like to add any number of basic procedures to today’s appointment: whitening, sealants, or fluoride treatments — there are a number of quick and easy services that our guests may add on to their appointment.

Or, if you prefer to schedule your dental cleaning or treatment for another time, our team can set you up with an appointment time for a future date.

And, no one leaves Better Dental without being offered one of our delicious, warm, fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chunk cookies. So go ahead and indulge — one cookie can’t hurt, can it? And, it wouldn’t be a Better Dental experience without one!

After that delicious cookie, the only trouble with Better Dental is that you’ll have a hard time waiting for your next appointment.