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Teeth Whitening – Post Orthodontics

When the braces came off one of our 17 year old patients, she was eager to whiten her new smile. She was also heading off to the Prom that weekend. She was afraid to whiten because she has very sensitive teeth. We did a small about of scraping and polishing to remove stains that where unlikely to be removed by whitening. Next, we performed an in-office whitening procedure. We proceeded with three, 10 minute whitening sessions, taking less than one hour. A protective dam was used to fend off unwanted gum and dentin sensitivity. Finally, we painted her teeth with a clear fluoride treatment that is specifically designed to reduce the onset of sensitivity following the teeth whitening procedure. She reported no sensitivity during or after the teeth whitening process. The results where fantastic and her prom pictures where beautiful!

Teeth Whitening – Guard Against Sensitivity

1. Get a professional cleaning! Do not try to remove stubborn stain deposits with a teeth whitening solution.
2. Reduce the number of sessions, opting for 3 instead of 4. The difference will be minor.
3. Your dentist will use a dental dam to protect your gums and dentin.
4. Add a post whitening fluoride treatment that is designed to reduce sensitivity.
5. Avoid very hot or cold foods after teeth whitening.