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The Story of You at a Typical Dentist Appointment

Usually, when someone tries to get you to go to the dentist, you’re just like:

nope animated GIF

“Nope. Definitely Not. Nope, Nope, Nope.”

And it’s probably because the last time you went to the dentist, it was all traumatizing like:

time animated GIF

So you avoid the dentist for as long as possible, until eventually you get a toothache that’s all:

1992 animated GIF

So you make an appointment, but of course they can’t get you in for two weeks:

frustrated animated GIF

And when the day of the appointment comes, you drive there just like:

And once you arrive and fill out all the paperwork, you wait patiently for 20 minutes or so:

bored animated GIF

And then you wait for another 20 minutes, somewhat less patiently:

impatient animated GIF

And when you finally see the dentist he’s all:

horror animated GIF

“Don’t mind my dagger fingers. They’re just for show.”

So when the dentist tries to put his hands near your mouth, you’re just like:

And even if you try to explain your dental phobia or anxiety, some dentists will just dismiss your fears like:

christian bale animated GIF

So it’s no wonder that when it comes to the dentist, you’re just like:

nope animated GIF

But as soon as you walk into Better Dental, the smell of our freshly baked chocolate chip cookies will have you going:

And when you check in for your appointment on our paperless touchscreen system, you’ll be like:

cute animated GIF

And when you realize how genuinely helpful and caring our staff is, you’ll probably be like:

happy animated GIF

And when you meet Dr. Draper and see how gentle, funny, and genuine he is, you’ll be all:

despicable me animated GIF

“Whaaat?? No way this guy is a dentist.”

And when you realize that we won’t guilt trip about not flossing, you might even be like:

surprised animated GIF

So don’t be surprised when our staff is all extra friendly like:

cool animated GIF

Because what we really live for is that moment when you leave Better Dental with a smile on your face and we’re just like:

“BAM! Another happy customer.”