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One Visit Porcelain Fillings

I was so glad to get porcelain fillings you have no idea! I smile big and when I would smile all my back teeth where full of silver fillings. They really showed. Im almost 50 so silver fillings where the standard when I was a kid. Dr. Draper helped me understand the risks of replacing my silver fillings with porcelain and guided me toward the best option. There was no pressure. They where just really helpful. I had to cap a few of my teeth where my tooth was more filling than tooth. But I am really pleased with the results. I can tell by the way people react to my smile that my teeth look great. – Hugh O. Apex, NC

3D Imaging Technology

Experience The Best Porcelain Filling Technology

  • Fast Treatment Time
  • Exact Fit
  • Life-Time Better Dental Guarantee
  • Enamel-saving: Cerec 3D technology
  • Same-day porcelain results
  • Often Covered by Insurance

Almost As Hard As Diamonds

Discover The Durability Of Dental Porcelain

  • Dental Porcelain functions like enamel
  • Harder than resin or classic metal based fillings
  • Exact color matching

Specialized technology

State of The Art Porcelain Restorations

Cerec 3D technology porcelain fillings require specialized equipment and training but the results of a porcelain tooth restoration speak for themselves. Dr Draper has invested in years of specialized training to provide the most state of the art porcelain restorations. BetterDental has invested in the resources to offer 3D digital imaging to create your porcelain filling instead of old fashioned wax impressions. We offer a guarantee on our porcelain fillings and dental restorations.

“We like to really stand behind our workmanship. Nothing compares to the beauty and longevity of a porcelain filling. – Dr Draper”

It’s really Not Expensive

Cost Savings and Free Consultations

“Oh but porcelain is so expensive”. What is truly expensive is “rework”. Cerec 3D technology porcelain fillings may cost slightly more but they eliminate rework. Because dental porcelain so much harder than resin or metal we can confidently say that if your filling breaks in 3 years, 5 years, or even 50 years – we will restore it without any charge to you.

Get back to work and play sooner

Same-Day Porcelain Fillings

  • Your porcelain filling procedure can usually be done in a single visit
  • No temporary filling, or multiple visits.
  • Uses a 3D imaging wand, then create a digital schematic
  • Eliminates bulky impressions

Does It Hurt?

Dental Work Doesnt Hurt At Better Dental

  • Precision 3-D imaging eliminates painful recovery
  • For multiple fillings sedation dentistry is available
  • Cerec technology matches tooth size and eliminates bite adaptations
  • Soft pillows, warm blankets and even a warm chocolate chip cookie to help sooth nervous patients