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Nothing Compares To Porcelain Veneers

Many people interested in veneers aren’t aware of the key difference between traditional veneers and Better Dental’s non-invasive veneers. The difference is in the tooth preparation. In conventional veneers, the tooth is aggressively ground down (sometimes only leaving a small nub behind) and then a thick porcelain veneer is placed on top of the tooth. At Better Dental, we take a more conservative approach: We believe in leaving as much of your natural tooth as possible. In many cases, dramatic results can be achieved with as little as 0.5 millimeters of tooth reduction.

Our success in achieving great outcomes with minimal tooth reduction is in part due to the advances in porcelain technology which make it possible to produce a strong, long-lasting veneer that is still very thin. Earlier porcelain materials had to be quite thick — sometimes 2.0 millimeters — in order to have sufficient strength which is way many traditional veneer preparations were so punishing on teeth.

The way we care for our bodies and our dental health, and even just the look of our smiles (although it may seem superficial) can actually affect us deeply. It can change the way others perceive us, and even the way we perceive ourselves. The confidence that comes from having an attractive, symmetrical smile is hard to beat. There’s nothing quite like being able to smile at a stranger, a friend, a date, or even a potential business associate and know that you’re showing them the best version of yourself.

Because Better Dental appreciates the importance of cosmetic smile enhancement, we are proud to offer minimal-prep veneers at our Apex office.

Dramatic Smile Makeover

Guaranteed for fifty years

For those seeking a more complete smile restoration, Better Dental offers porcelain veneers. Our veneers are a thin, translucent porcelain laminate that is bonded to your natural teeth (similar to the way an acrylic finger nail covers your natural nail). Not everyone needs veneers, but for those with broken, chipped, or crooked front teeth, as well as those with discoloration that cannot be corrected with whitening, veneers can be a great choice.

At Better Dental we use high-quality porcelain that is strong and long-lasting. We even cover the workmanship of your veneers under our Better Dental Guarantee. We stand behind your investment so you can rest easy.

A Permanent Smile Enhancement

For a variety of situations

Non-invasive veneers are great for fixing a variety of common problems. Here are a few of the most common ones: • Chipped or cracked teeth • Highly discolored or stained teeth • Gaps or spaces between teeth • Small, misshapen, or pointy teeth • Slightly crowded teeth • Getting your “Hollywood” smile makeover

Free Consultation

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Our non-invasive may not be right for every smile, but with a free consultation at Better Dental in Apex, you can find out which type of dental enhancements are a good fit for your budget and lifestyle. Prior to any treatment we will create a treatment plan and give you an accurate estimate. We hope to see you soon!