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How do teeth get stained and why do my teeth get yellow?

Top 9 Reasons Why Teeth Become Yellow Or Stained

1. Aging
2. Food with spices
3. Coffee, tea and soft drinks
4. Wine and dark beer
5. Certain anti-biotics
6. Foods notorious for staining like cherries
7. Smoking
8. Staying out too late
9. Having too much fun

Ok, maybe those last two aren’t exactly reasons but it can feel that way when you have tried “EVERYTHING” to keep your teeth white. To keep teeth white, it is important to be mindful of what goes in your mouth. Make a conscious effort to replace foods and drinks that cause yellowing with other options. Such as switching from red wine to white wine. Simply getting older can make teeth yellow too. As a person ages the enamel layer is reduced making it easier for the yellow dentin in the center of your tooth to show through. But don’t despair there are other cosmetic dentistry options to help you build up thinning enamel. Brush and floss your teeth three times a day. Get regular check ups – simply call our Apex dentist office.