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Teeth Whitening in Apex

Go Hollywood with Cosmetic Dentistry!

A beautiful smile and fresh white teeth can turn a cold call into a sale or a candid photo in to a treasured family heirloom. Professional teeth whitening is often the perfect finishing touch in cosmetic dentistry. It can be done in just one visit at our office in Apex or slowly using a professional at home whitening system. You will see the transformation. Teeth whitening, with your dentist help is a safe process which effectively improves the whitens you teeth. Other cosmetic dental procedures such as porcelain veneers can be color matched to your new whiter smile. Make an appointment and learn more about turning your smile up a notch.

Sensitive Teeth? Discuss your teeth whitening options with Better Dental

Zoom!2™ – In-Office Teeth Whitening

  • Extremely fast and effective. May produce some sensitivity

Zoom – Nite White – Home Teeth Whitening System

  • Requires more than 1 night of treatment. May produce much less sensitivity
  • Great option for people with sensitive teeth

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ – Aggressive Teeth Whitening

  • Most aggressive treatment but not appropriate for multiple teeth
  • Intense post treatment pain is common
  • Results may be difficult to maintain and many patients prefer an enamel saving veneer

OTC Whitening Products

  • Can produce blotchy results
  • May take up to 20 strips to see results
  • May not whiten the area closest to your gums



In-Office Teeth Whitening Options

Zoom!2™ Teeth Whitening System

  1. We can significantly whiten your teeth in one visit to our dentist office in Apex, NC
  2. Includes protective treatment for your lips and gums to reduce irritation and tooth sensitivity
  3. Next, we apply a special teeth whitening gel which is activated by a laser UV light
  4. The light treatment is done in two 15 minute intervals
  5. We whiten teeth up to six to ten shades whiter with this process
  6. Completed your treatment with a five-minute fluoride treatment.
  7. Post-treatment tooth sensitivity is common and produced mild discomfort for about 24 hours.

Like many people, you may be anxious to see results right away. Or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to use your whitening trays at home. In-office teeth-whitening procedures are available, and they typically take around an hour to complete.

Zoom – Nite White

Nite White® from Zoom Teeth Whitening Systems is a safe and exceptionally fast take-home teeth whitening option

  1. During your initial visit, we will discuss what to expect, discuss how to use the Nite White Teeth Whitening System and fit you with custom-made whitening trays to wear at night.
  2. Your Nite White treatment include special whitening gel will help to remove yellowing from the enamel of the teeth.
  3. Simply place the prescription-level whitening gel into the trays in your mouth
  4. You will typically see a noticeable difference in just 7-10 nights.
  5. The gel bonds with the tooth’s surface reduces sensitivity during the whitening process and improves smoothness and lessens the risk of fade-back over time.

At home, Zoom Nite whitening is just as effective as in-office whitening at a more affordable cost. Our take-home whitening kit includes all that you need to achieve the same great results as our in-office whitening, but the process can take place over several weeks rather than in a single visit. Because at-home whitening uses a lower concentration of whitener (although still much more than over-the-counter products), it will whiten just as effectively as in-office whitening, but it will take longer to achieve the same result. In addition to cost savings, one more benefit of using this lower concentrated dose is that it is less likely to cause sensitivity from whitening.