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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The Better Dental Staff

Better Dental is all about people. More specifically, it is about giving people wonderful, memorable dental experiences. We care about our customers’ experience, and the first step in giving our customer’s a great experience is to make Better Dental a great place to work. To create our All-Star Team, we carefully vetted 100+ video applications to select the most dynamic, kind, cohesive, fun, and tight-knit team members. We work together every day toward our shared goal: delivering an outstanding experience to every single visitor, while uplifting one another. And, this isn’t just a day-to-day goal; it also ties into our larger vision. The ultimate “big picure” vision of the Better Dental team is to better dental care; we’re out to make dental care better for everyone.


Dentist/Founder of Better Dental

David just wants to make friends, be a good dentist, and give people the most enjoyable dental experience possible.

After having some rough dental experiences as a kid, David had every reason to be afraid of dentists himself. And, he had some ideas about how dentistry could be made less scary and more enjoyable. Inspired by his own negative dental experiences, he had the desire to help others who, like himself, haven’t traditionally loved going to the dentist. So, he decided to become a dentist himself.

And, his calling was further solidified when he first had the chance to observe a truly wonderful dentist at work. This good-natured doctor smiled abundantly, calming his patient: an anxious young woman. He conveyed a genuine, compassionate interest in the patient, helping her feel tranquil and reassured. In addition to his warmth and compassion, this dentist also possessed skilled hands with a decidedly gentle touch. The procedure was finished quickly and comfortably and the young lady was all smiles walking away.

Inspired by this kind and gentle dentist, Dr. Draper knew it would be his mission to help people with dental anxiety by building trusting relationships and providing the utmost gentle care. Dr. Draper graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery with an emphasis in Oral Surgery & Implantology, and ever since then he’s been on a mission to make dental care a better experience for everyone he can.


Dentist/David’s Brother and Partner in Better Dental

John’s mission in life is to help you love going to the dentist.    He’s soft spoken, kind and especially good with kids.  He spends his free time volunteering for his church nursery class and going on ‘daddy-daughter dates’ with his four children.  He believes joy in life comes from helping others to feel joy.  He wants to give you a smile in every sense of the word.

You wouldn’t believe that this teddy bear has served almost 10 years in the Army Reserves to include deployments to Iraq and to Cuba.  Dr. John graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in May of 2016 and is prepared with the latest technologies and most up to date training to provide our cherished friends in the Apex area with the best that dentistry has to offer.