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Single-Visit Crowns

Single-Visit Crowns

Pure, time-saving glory

How can we possibly diagnose, measure, order, create, customize and install a custom crown in a single visit? Good question! Just a few years ago, this would have been impossible for any dentist. Now, the advent of 3D imaging technology in the Raleigh area has revolutionized turn around time and efficiency.

What used to require multiple stages of dental impressions, days at the lab, hours of transit, and multiple trips back and forth to the office, can now be accomplished in one single visit. When you’re in need of a crown, you’ll be glad you came to Better Dental.

Save Your Cracked Tooth

Get a crown, not an extraction

Better Dental’s crown technology allows us to create a seamless, beautiful, strong tooth from a severely damaged one. Our specialized, computer-assisted crown technology can sculpt crowns for teeth that, in the past, might not have been a candidate for crown treatment. Whether damaged by injury, decay, or age, we can restore many teeth to their natural beauty. Excellent color and shape combine to create a crown that blends with your smile — even for those teeth that have been in worsening shape for decades. Crowns are often the ideal solution for damaged teeth.

In some unfortunate cases, people elect to have teeth extracted simply because their insurance won’t cover the cost of a crown or they don’t have enough cash on hand to afford the ideal treatment. At Better Dental, we hate the idea of anyone losing a salvageable tooth simply for lack of funding. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 99% approval rate on financing with realistic payment plans, reasonable down payments, and moderate interest rates, that can help you afford the care you deserve, regardless of credit history.

We’re also thrilled to offer cash-discounts to our friends in Apex, Holly Springs, Cary, and Fuquay-Varina who don’t have dental insurance. We believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way to make great dental care a reality for anyone.

It’s Not a Light Saber

But it is pretty futuristic

With a quick snapshot of your mouth, The CEREC Omnicam imaging wand captures a high resolution 3D image of your damaged tooth. This detailed three-dimensional map shows us the exact dimensions and shape your crown should be. Then, we take this computer-generated schematic and use our CEREC Crown Mill to sculpt your new porcelain crown in the time it would take you to get a new key made for your car. Meanwhile, you can wait comfortably and watch a couple of episodes of your favorite show on Netflix until your crown is finished and ready for placement. And, when it’s all done, you can brag to your friends that your new tooth was made like a Star Wars film: using C.G.I (computer-generated imagery).

Creating a Great Crown

Where art and science meet

Let’s face it –humans can’t produce hardly anything with the precision, efficiency, and consistency of a computer-assisted machine. And, no machine could deliver compassionate and nuanced care like a great dental professional It takes a team like Better Dental to combine the skills, technology, and artistry that go into a great porcelain crown. We’re confident you’ll love your new crown from Better Dental, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you have a great experience while you’re here with us.

Long-Lasting Porcelain Crowns

Made from the right stuff

With previous technologies, dental crowns were either made from unattractive metals or from porcelain which was too weak too hold up long-term on its own. Thankfully, today’s porcelain technology is able to hold up under the intensity of your bite while still having the beauty and natural-tooth color that you crave.

We’re so confident that your porcelain crown will stand the test of time, that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our porcelain crowns and porcelain fillings. Just ask us for the details at your next appointment, or give us a call to learn more: 919-355-5123.