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Piece-of-cake Tooth Extractions

Piece-of-cake Tooth Extractions

Making extractions better

When we set out to give our guests a Better Dental experience, we started by identifying and studying the elements of dental care that have traditionally been the least favorite so we could try to make them better. Dental extractions topped the list of treatments that people rated as scary, intimidating, and just plain “not fun”. With this insight, and after many people surveyed and treated, Dr. Draper has developed a unique approach to extractions that combines high levels of compassion and empathy with a gentle touch and light, persistent pressure to lift and elevate teeth from the mouth without the feeling of “yanking” or “pulling” that is often associated with extractions.

The Cupcake Method

Dentistry meets bakery

What does a gourmet cupcake have in common with at tooth? Simple: They’re both delicate, sensitive, and beautiful little creations that have to be treated with care. And, they both require special care when they’re being removed from their nook (whether that nook is a baking pan or a mouth). In the hands of a skilled cupcake artisan, neither the pan nor the cupcake sustains any damage when it’s removed. And, just as a cupcake can be delicately separated from the pan’s walls to allow easy removal, so too can a tooth be gently released from the fibrous ligaments that keep it down in the socket. Dr. Draper uses this “cupcake principle” to help make extractions as easy as possible for all of our guests at better dental. Using a special tool called an elevator, which resembles a small culinary spoon, the infected tooth is lifted up and away from the gum tissue, offering sweet relief to a painful situation.

Complex Extractions

Simple philosophy

When a tooth is oriented abnormally, broken significantly, or requires surgical incision into the gum, it’s considered a complex or a “surgical” extraction. The process of a complex extraction is a little more involved. It may require incisions in gum tissue to gain access to the tooth. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a small amount bone around the tooth being extracted. And sometimes to make it easier on our guests, we can section the tooth into 2 or more pieces so there’s less pressure as each piece comes out.

We are pleased to be able to offer surgical extractions without having to refer you out to an oral surgeon. We offer complex extractions with a simple philosophy: put our guests’ comfort first.

Avoiding Extractions When Possible

A tooth saved is a tooth earned

At Better Dental, we feel that the very best dental extractions are the ones we don’t have to do.

If you have heard your tooth is unsalvageable and needs to be extracted, let us see if we are able to find ways to save that tooth. Using our innovative in-house custom crowns and laser gum treatments, we are frequently able to find ways to save teeth that otherwise might have been lost forever. A tooth saved is valuable today, but even more valuable tomorrow. If you need a complimentary second opinion about your tooth, please go ahead and schedule online, right now.

We want to save your teeth whenever possible. When you choose Better Dental, you’re choosing a dental team who’s committed to helping you keep your own, natural teeth for as long as possible. Even in cases when extraction has been previously recommended as a cost-saving option, at Better Dental we like to make sure you have been offered payment plans and financing options to give you every opportunity to save your tooth.

We See How You’re Special

Care for the individual

We’re invested in the individual care you receive. Whether that means spending extra time getting to know you and your specific needs or giving you a hand to hold during treatment which feels intimidating to you. We each have our own, individual needs, and we want to help you with yours.