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Menu of Services

Menu of Services

A simple breakdown

Trying to comprehend the multitude of dental procedures offered by any given dentist can be downright bewildering. That’s why Better Dental invented this easy-to-understand menu of services broken down into simple categories. We can help you Maintain what you have, Restore what is broken, Replace what is missing, or Enhance your natural beauty. Beyond that, we offer Oral Surgery and Laser Dentistry. Feel free to check out our glossary if any of these terms are unfamiliar to you.


A mint condition smile

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can help you clean, protect, and maintain your existing, healthy teeth. Learn more


Like it never happened

When injury or tooth decay occur, you may need a filling, crown, or other repair to stop the pain and prevent further damage. Don’t worry. Better Dental is here to help! Learn more


Solutions for tooth loss

Tooth loss is an inconvenient reality, but when it dose occur, we can provide just the right replacement to restore the look and function of your original teeth. You’ve got options. Let’s talk. Learn more


Your smile … only better!

Whiter, Straighter, and Easier-on-the-eyes. Take your smile to the next level and get a well-deserved confidence boost. Learn more

Oral Surgery

Expertise + Compassion

No one wants to be referred out because their dentist “doesn’t do” extractions. From Dental Implants to Wisdom Teeth, we offer a wide range of surgical procedures to save you time and extra costs. Learn more

Laser Dentistry

Welcome to the future

Correcting tongue & lip restrictions and reshaping overgrown gums the easy way. Learn how Better Dental is improving dentistry with our awesome laser gadgetry. (Pew! Pew! Pew!) Learn more