Restore Your Smile

Restore Your Smile

Repair dental damage

When plaque, tartar, age, or injury have their way with your teeth, the results are inconvenient at best and devastating at worst. And the pain of toothaches, broken teeth, and cavities are only part of the problem. All too often, people’s troubles are compounded by the frustration, fear, and worry that they may associate with a visit to the dentist. But, at Better Dental, our mission is to provide a stress-free dental experience, and make dental restorations easy (and even enjoyable!) for you.

Our friendly, professional staff; our easy payment plans; our fifty year guarantee on porcelain dental restorations; these are just a few of the ways we try to make your dental experience better. It’s really quite simple: Our goal is to repair your dental damage without a lot of the hassle you may have once associated with dentistry.

Dr. Draper and his team are proud to serve greater Raleigh with a top-notch, newly constructed dental facility in Apex. We hope you’ll trust us with your family’s dental restorations.

Color-Matched Resin Fillings

No more metal mouth

Our dental technicians are trained to color-match your dental filling with your natural enamel, so the end result blends in beautifully! Learn more

Porcelain Fillings

An upgrade in durability

Porcelain is a great combination of strength and beauty. We’re proud to serve Apex with color-matched porcelain fillings, designed via computer-assisted 3D imaging technology. These fillings look great and last longer than traditional fillings. Learn more

Single-Visit Crowns

Revolutionary convenience

Single-Visit crowns have completely changed the game. No longer do all crowns require multiple visits and weeks of waiting. We’ll create your dental crown lickedy-split with the latest 3D imaging technology — right here in our Apex office! Learn more

Enamel-Saving Partial Crown

Conserve your healthy enamel

Our in-house 3D imaging technology allows us to craft a same-day partial crown for you. This new technique makes partial crowns less invasive, and allows you to keep more of your natural dentin and enamel. Learn more

Endo-Therapy (Root Canal)

Treatment for deep decay

More than 25 million people a year opt for endo therapy to treat their inner tooth decay. Better Dental offers this, and other options options for deep decay. Learn more