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Replace Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth

Solutions for tooth loss

When tooth loss occurs, Better Dental is here to help with great treatment options suitable for every lifestyle and budget.

Dental Implants

A permanent fix

Unlike a denture which is a removable solution, Implants become a permanent addition to your mouth. Our dentists have received special training in the placement of dental implants which makes us a one-stop solution for your dental implant needs. We are pleased to be able to offer you dental implants from start to finish, all in-house, no referrals to a specialist needed. Learn more

All-Porcelain Bridge

Elegant and non-surgical

Our All-Porcelain Dental Bridges are similar to dental implants in that they are a permanent prosthetic. Unlike dentures, dental bridges cannot be taken out. Dental Bridges can be a good option for tooth loss treatment if the missing tooth (or teeth) is flanked by two strong, healthy teeth on either side. These strong teeth are essentially stinted together to support new prosthetic tooth.

And, because Better Dental‘s bridges are 100% porcelain, they come with our Better Dental Guarantee. Learn more

Complete Dentures

Beauty meets economy

A great-fitting, expertly-designed denture is never really appreciated by those who see it (your friends and family) because no one even notices it. Learn more

Cosmetic Partial Dentures

Practical and budget-friendly

When only a few teeth are missing, partial dentures can combine with remaining teeth to recreate the look and function of a complete, natural smile. Learn more

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