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Pediatric DentistryRaleigh, NC

If you are looking for great dental care for your child, look no further! Here at Better Dental, we’re a family practice and pediatric dentistry is one of our specialties.

Our founders know firsthand how difficult a rough dental appointment can be for your little one, so we are determined to create a warm, welcoming, safe atmosphere for all of our patients. We provide blankets and soft pillows in each exam room, Netflix and Pandora so your child has something fun to focus on, and even offer fresh-baked cookies!

Most of all, we give your child the gentle, compassionate care they deserve. If your family is near Raleigh, NC, we invite you to schedule your child for an exam and cleaning. We’d love to meet you both!

What is pediatric dentistry?

Dental care for children and young adults is called pediatric dentistry. When working with your child, our dentists help gently guide them through the process of establishing good oral health habits, monitor the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth, protect their teeth with sealants, and clean up any cavities that develop along the way.

Why is pediatric dentistry important?

Helping your child establish a routine of good dental care from an early age gives them a foundation for lifelong well-being. Brushing and flossing after meals, regular cleanings, and prompt attention to cavities will pay off down the road. Your child will likely need less big-ticket (read: more expensive) dental work and enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning set of teeth for many years to come. 

Because the mouth is the gateway to the body, a strong attention to oral hygiene also often improves overall health. Plus, few things are more likely to boost your child’s confidence than knowing they can flash a beautiful, pearly white smile!

Tongue-tie treatment

Some babies are born with a condition called tongue-tie that restricts their ability to move their tongues. This can make it harder for them to nurse properly, and can also later interfere with speech. 

Our dentists can correct tongue-tie by using a laser to remove the restrictive tissue. This is a quick and comfortable procedure (also called a frenectomy) that we perform on infants as young as 24 hours old. The result? They’ll be able to nurse normally and speak with confidence as they grow up.

Sedation keeps your child feeling safe & comfortable

One key to a good dental visit? Great sedation! Our expert dentists use safe, effective sedation techniques to help make sure your child feels comfortable throughout their visit. Our goal is always to provide gentle, compassionate care and a fun, relaxed experience. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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