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Pediatric Patients In Apex

Dentist, Dr. David Draper simply wants to be the best dentist your family will ever visit.

He is dedicated to creating the most fun, anxiety-free and painless appointment possible. After having some rough pediatric dentist appointments as a kid, Dentist, Dr David Draper, had every reason to be afraid of dentists himself. He came up with a treatment style to make going to the dentist less scary and more enjoyable. Dr. Draper graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery with an emphasis in Oral Surgery and ever since then he’s been on a mission to make dental care a better experience for everyone he can.

Big Gold Star! Best Dentist Ever
“He is a good-natured doctor who smiles. He has a calming effect on our kids. He conveys a genuine, compassionate interest in our family and, helping our youngest daughter feel relaxed. In addition to his warmth and compassion he is highly skilled and the procedures are finished quickly and comfortably.” Peg S. – Apex, NC

Pediatric Services


No More Yucky

Fluoride Treatments That Taste Better

When you or your child comes in for your regular cleaning and check up, we may recommend a topical fluoride application, depending on your dental health history. Conventional fluoride treatment is administered as a gel or foam that is given to you in a u-shaped tray and then soaks for several minutes. While this is generally effective – it does have some limitations: the gel or foam usually washes away quickly in the presence of saliva, lessening the benefits of fluoride. –

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Better 6 month exams for kids

At Better Dental in Apex, “gentle” is more than just a buzzword. When we say that we provide gentle care, we mean compassionate, personal care that always puts you child first. At Better Dental pediatric cleanings includes the things your child needs for a clean smile, in an experience that’s tailored for their comfort. From cleaning paste that tastes yummy instead of yucky to fluoride treatments that taste like fruit, we know what kid like. Whether their teeth are perfect of there was too much Halloween candy last year this is a judgement free zone. We promise to respect your child’s comfort level and gently teach them how to clean and care for their teeth. Better Dental kids often say the “love coming to the dentist”.


Better Cavity Prevention

Anti-Cavity Sealants are a nontoxic, resin coating placed in the deep grooves in your child’s back teeth to seal out any germs and food that would cause tooth decay. These sealants serve as a barrier to cavity-causing plaque, and they are painless, safe, efficient, easy-to-apply, long-lasting and very cost effective. –

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Frenectomy: Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie Revision

Gentle just for the littles

Some children are born with a significant degree of tongue or lip restriction. When untreated it can interfere with nursing or speech development. With laser surgery, treating children with tongue and lip restriction is easier and less painful than ever. Better Dental is the leader in quick and comfortable laser frenectomies for infants and children. We’ve even helped infants as young as 24 hours old to gain the ability to nurse. –

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A Fun Family Dentist

    We’ve built a little fun into the lobby, and into the treatment rooms just for kids. Many Batter Dental kids say the “Love” coming to the dentist.

  • Netflix In Every Room – Sponge Bob? Maybe anime? We have your child’s favorite show ready to go.
  • Some kids just like music – Our Pandora Radio has just the playlist
  • Try Our iPad Games – The Angry Bird don’t have a chance!
  • Toys & Books For Kids – Its really move of a kids lounge than a waiting room.


What Kids Want

  • Cozy warm fleece blankey. It’s just one of the many ways we look out for your childs comfort at Better Dental.
  • Memory Foam Pillows – Don’t worry, we’ll wake them up when it’s time to go home.
  • Rumbly In Your Tumbly? Before you appointment enjoy complementary snacks and drinks on us.


After Their Dentist Appointment

  • Kids receive an enchanted doubloon used get to claim their prize from our alluring majestic prize tower.


She Loves The Dentist Now
“My 4yr old had several traumatic past experiences at a pediatric dentist, so we switched to Better Dental and they have been so great with her. She has now had two really positive experiences there and no longer hates going to the dentist.” Charity C. Apex, NC

Bring the Whole Family?


Moms Need A Cleaning Too

Prior to your appointment, please stop by the Better Dental Apex office during normal business hours to pickup your voucher for complimentary childcare. (If you have an early-morning appointment with us, you may need to do this before the day of your appointment.) Show this voucher at Kool Kidz when you drop of your little ones and you’re all set!We recommend planning an extra 15-20 minutes to enroll and situate your children at Kool Kidz before your dentist appointment. From Kool Kidz, it’s just a three-minute drive to our office. Each voucher is good for two children up to 2 hours.