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Pediatrics: Just For Kids

No Fear Pediatric Dentist

Dr David Draper simply wants to be the best dentist your family will ever visit. He is dedicated to creating the most fun, anxiety-free and painless appointment possible.

After having some rough dentist appointments as a kid, Dentist, Dr David Draper, had every reason to be afraid of dentists himself. He came up with a treatment style to make going to the dentist less scary and more enjoyable.

Gold Star Family & Pediatric Dentist
“He is a good-natured doctor who smiles. He has a calming effect on our kids. He conveys a genuine, compassionate interest in our family and, helping our youngest daughter feel relaxed. In addition to his warmth and compassion he is highly skilled and the procedures are finished quickly and comfortably.”

Dr. Draper graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery with an emphasis in Oral Surgery and ever since then he’s been on a mission to make dental care a better experience for everyone he can.

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