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Better Partial Dentures

Better Partial Dentures

Replacing multiple teeth is a snap

Partial dentures are replacement teeth for people who have lost one or more of their teeth. Partial dentures can be taken in and out of the mouth and consist of 1) a denture base, which closely resembles the color of your gums and 2) one ore more denture teeth which match the color and shape of you natural teeth. The partial denture then attaches (or “snaps on”) to your existing teeth to stay in place. And since your partial denture is supported by your natural teeth, it tends to stay in place better and giving you more chewing power than a traditional complete denture.

Partial Denture Options

Materials and styles customized for you

Flexible Partial: Many people consider a Flexible Partial to be the most comfortable option for their denture. The Flexible Partial offers a uniquely beautiful aesthetic quality what is unrivaled. A Flexible Partial moves with you naturally, giving you confidence while talking, eating, and most importantly, smiling! This style of denture is sometimes referred to as a “Valplast” Flexible Partial Denture. One limitation to this style of partial is that in may not be the best choice in certain cases with many missing teeth. Here a non-flexible partial may work better.

Cast Metal Partial Denture: The cast metal partial denture is stronger, less bulky and offers a great fit. This partial has a metal framework to which is attach high-quality denture teeth. It is usually not quite as cosmetic as the Flexible Partial and takes a little longer at our lab since the special metal framework adds an extra step in processing.

Acrylic Partial Denture: Acrylic partial dentures are more affordable, but they tend to feel more bulky. This partial has an acrylic base into which the denture teeth are set and is attached to your natural teeth with small wire clasps. Many of our guests enjoy this metal-free option.

Alternative Option: Dental Implants

Superior support and longevity

To help you make the very best decision for your tooth replacement needs, it’s important to learn about all the options. Dental Implants are becoming the preferred treatment for missing teeth because they never have to come out of your mouth to be cleaned, and they can last for the rest of your life. Implants can be done for a single tooth or as a bridge for multiple missing teeth. Learn more

Single-tooth Restorations: When our dentists carefully place your dental implant where your natural tooth root would have been, they are creating a sturdy foundation that can then support a beautiful dental crown to fill in the gap in your smile.

Dental Implant Bridge: If you have a larger space of consecutive missing teeth, we may recommend an Implant Bridge supported by two or more implants to span whole missing section with one beautiful restoration. Implant Bridges tend to be more affordable than multiple single tooth implant restorations and sometimes allow us to restore teeth in certain areas that may be impossible otherwise.

While it’s true that Dental Implants constitute a bit more of an investment up front, when you factor in their extreme longevity, you begin to see just how much it can pay of. Also, we offer a wide variety of payment options to make it very possible for you to obtain the highest level of care.

Partial Denture, I Heart You

Benefits of choosing a partial

Improved Appearance: Having your smile back can do wonders for you confidence and ability to socialize.

Better Chewing: It will help restore your bite and your ability to chew.

Improved Speech: Your front top teeth are very important in making certain sounds – V and F are made when the bottom lip contacts the edges of the central upper incisors.

Protect Your Teeth: Reduce the likelihood of problems with other teeth by taking pressure of them. The fewer teeth you have, the increased stress they receive and the greater the risk of tooth wear.