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Enamel-Saving Porcelain Partial Crown

Enamel-Saving Porcelain Partial Crown

Porcelain Onlay Restoration

The onlay restoration is a partial crown. Thanks to Better Dental’s 3D porcelain-sculpting technology, we are able to create and permanently cement your partial crown usually in a single visit. The preparation for an onlay procedure is not as invasive as a complete crown procedure (thus the “enamel-saving”). By opting for this advanced onlay, we are able to preserve much of the natural tooth that would be lost in the case of a crown. Partial crowns are an excellent intermediary treatment between a filling and a full crown that we are happy to offer to our guests.

Partial Crown Procedure

Here’s how it’s done

The preparation for an onlay procedure is not as intrusive as crown preparation. Less tooth structure is removed from the surface of the tooth in onlay preparation. Onlays are often an ideal alternative to crowns. Conventionally, the onlay procedure would require several appointments – for x-rays, impressions, and laboratory wait times that extend over days and weeks. Also, conventional partial crowns (if they were even offered) would typically require the use of a temporary crown for you to wear while waiting for the permanent partial crown to be created.

All of this wait time and added inconvenience is often a thing of the past at Better Dental. Our partial crowns save both your natural tooth, and your valuable time!

Your porcelain partial crown can usually be done in a single visit using our CEREC porcelain-sculpting technology. This means there is no need for a temporary filling, or multiple visits. We can digitally scan your tooth using our 3D imaging wand, then create a digital schematic detailing the exact dimensions of the crown. Our computer-assisted porcelain mill uses robotic arms to sculpt your customized crown.

Benefits of Partial Crowns

Quick, Affordable, Noninvasive

  • • 3D imaging technology makes porcelain quick and convenient
  • • Same-day, single-visit appointments often possible
  • • Less expensive than complete crown
  • • Less invasive than complete crown
  • • Backed by our Better Dental Guarantee