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The idea of oral surgery may seem daunting, but the dentists at Better Dental assure you that it shouldn’t be. We’ll make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Providing Comfortable Oral Surgical Procedures in Apex

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When we check for dental problems, our first step is to find a solution that doesn’t involve oral surgery. We want to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. If we can find a way to salvage the tooth without extraction, then that’s what we’ll recommend.

If, however, we think that surgery is your best option, then we’ll schedule an oral surgery as soon as possible. The most common cases that require surgery are impacted wisdom teeth and dental implants.

It might sound complicated, but oral surgery is common for patients in Apex. A lot of people have troubles with their wayward wisdom teeth, which have to be removed surgically. Likewise, several patients — especially our elderly — experience tooth loss, which means they need dental implants.

You might want to put it off because it sounds scary and intimidating, but it really isn’t. Our doctors offer a gentle touch; trust us, you’re in good hands.

Putting Patients at Ease

Here’s how we create an anxiety-free environment in our surgical wing:

You Know What to Expect. We walk you through every step of the surgical procedure. Depending on your case, we can have the procedure on the same day or schedule an appointment. Our dentists discuss how to prepare yourself for the surgery (what to eat; what to wear; how you’ll get home, in case you’re sedated, etc.)

We Discuss Sedation Options. Better Dental provides options for sedation (including nitrous oxide and conscious oral sedation), which we discuss in detail prior to the procedure.

You Get Clear Post-Op. For a swift recovery process, we give you clear post-op care instructions. We also schedule check-ups, so we can monitor your recovery.

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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

In order to help all patients receive the treatment they need, our office is able to offer basic dental sedation. Our sedation dentists give patients a dose of anti-anxiety medication one hour prior to treatment and then use nitrous oxide gas during the procedure.

Will oral sedation put me to sleep? Not necessarily. The goal of the medication is to place the patient in a deep state of relaxation. Each patient responds uniquely to the sedation with some falling asleep. Most, however, go into a state known as conscious sedation, where they are typically able to continue conversing with the dental staff team throughout the procedure, not feeling any pain or discomfort. Afterwards, it is typical for the patient to have no recall of their time in the procedure.

What are the benefits to oral sedation? First, as a patient, you’ll be much more relaxed before and during the procedure. Second, your procedure will be less painful (or even pain-free). Third, in many cases, you won’t even remember the procedure.

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist, here are just some of the reasons to consider dental sedation:

When it comes to dental sedation, Better Dental patients know our dentists are successful at calming those with even the most severe dental phobias. By using safe, effective medications and techniques and creating a comfortable environment, our friendly and helpful dentists and staff are able to finally provide fearful patients with the dental work they need while being relaxed and pain-free. The end result is a better smile and a healthier patient.


Our oral surgical procedures

Dental Implants

Create a sturdy base for your artificial teeth. Our dental implants are made of ultra biocompatible titanium posts, which are readily accepted by the body.

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Tooth Extractions

Dr. Draper has developed a unique approach to tooth extractions. He can lift and elevate the teeth without causing the patient to feel a pulling or yanking sensation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Prevent a host of problems associated with wisdom teeth. By removing your impacted wisdom teeth, you steer clear of pain, swelling, tooth decay, and more.

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Better Dental makes your oral surgery experience as comfortable as we reasonably can. Here’s what makes us the go-to dental clinic in Apex:

  • Our dentists are friendly, highly experienced, and approachable.
  • We have parking spaces for your car.
  • Scheduling an appointment is a breeze; you can call us or schedule online
  • Your companion can enjoy Netflix, Pandora Radio, cozy pillows cookies and blankets, while waiting for you.

If you think you need oral surgery, or you want a second opinion on the condition of your teeth, call today!

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