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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery In Apex, NC

Skill and Compassion

We’re committed to the experience of our guests, comfort, and the highest standard of clinical outcomes. So, Dr. Draper, together with our highly-trained team, is thrilled to provide many varieties of oral surgery right here in our Apex dental office.

Dr. Draper graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery with an emphasis in Oral Surgery & Implantology*. With this added training and experience, Dr. Draper is able to perform many surgical procedures.

We’re so happy to be serving options like oral surgery Apex, Fuquay, Cary, Holly Springs, and other locations. We can’t wait to earn your trust, and provide health, comfort, and superb surgical results.

*Dr. David Draper is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, not an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

A word to the wise

Your third molars (AKA Wisdom Teeth) are the last teeth to develop and usually emerge around age 17. An easy wisdom tooth exam at Better Dental will tell help you avoid a potentially painful situation. Learn more

Oral Surgery Apex | Wisdom Teeth Removal

Extractions Made Easy

Dr. Draper has developed a specialized technique that incorporates the best of clinical and personal touches to make dental extractions a breeze, even for the most squeamish. Learn more

Dental Implants

Permanent replacements

Our dental implant surgery is a great solution for missing or unhealthy teeth. And, with our 99% approval financing, you may be surprised how affordable dental implants can be! Learn more

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