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Benefits of Complete Dentures

  • All On 4 Dentures are a minimally invasive surgery dental restoration solution
  • Provide lower cost solution and minimal downtime.
  • Is usually a “graftless” solution, meaning no bone grafting is required.
  • The time a patient has to wait for a full set of teeth is often less than one day.
  • The best option when you need a non removable, full restoration of the upper and lower teeth.
  • “All On 4 Dentures” get their name because the denture is secured to 4 implants. However in some cases it requires six implants.
  • These implants effectively support and stabilized a non-removable porcelain denture to prevent bone loss and gum disease.
  • While surgery requires sedation the All On 4 procedure minimizes pain and recovery time.
  • All On Four Dentures are much more cost effective and require significantly less recovery time than a mouth full of dental implants.

Very organized. Great hours that allow those with jobs to get in early before work or later after work. A lot of amenities as well such as Netflix while you are in the chair. Great with my young kids as well.

– Brian C.- Apex, NC

I absolutely love this place. I was going to Village Dental (Olde Raleigh) for a bit and didn’t have a great experience on two different occasions there. I decided to give Better Dental a whirl, as it was recommended to my by a friend. Even though it’s 25 minutes away from my house, I will NEVER go anywhere else. I love these people- Dr David and his brother are both genuine, fantastic dentists and take excellent care of their patients. I’d recommend them to any and everyone looking for dental care.

– Katheryne D.- Apex, NC

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It is important to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible even if they are cracked or stained. Often a simple crown can completely restore their appearance. Implants are no longer connected to the nerve endings in your jaw. They feel like a slightly numb tooth and may cause you to bite down much harder than is necessary when you are chewing or even talking. Preserving some of your natural teeth allows you to know how much pressure you are using when you eat. While an All On 4 denture solution may seem ideal, discuss your options with you dentist to see if you can preserve any of your natural teeth.

As of 2020, the city of Apex had an estimated population of 59,000 and is one of the fastest growing cities in North Carolina. The pediatric population of Apex is exploding but often overlooked. The senior citizen population of Apex is growing rapidly as well. If you live here it is important to select a family dentist that can take care of not just pediatric concerns but also treat oral health issues that arise with aging. At Better Dental we have gone the extra mile with extensive training and the purchase of cutting edge technology to provide seniors with dentistry solutions that offer minimally invasive surgeries, pain mitigation and full cosmetic dentistry restorations.

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