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Get excellent, compassionate dental services for your entire family. Our family dentists cater to patients of all ages in Apex, NC.

Creating Healthy Smiles for Kids and Adults

Children and grown-ups have different dental needs. Babies can be fussy and irritable because they’re teething, children get tooth decay from their fruit juice, teenagers need Invisalign, and grandparents need teeth cleaning and whitening for their stained teeth.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to visit a different dental specialist for each member of your family. Our friendly family dentists stay on top of everybody’s dental health. We help you prevent oral problems that affect every life stage, as well as treat conditions that are unique to different age groups.

Everything’s more fun if the whole family is involved, and this holds true in dental health. Make one trip to the dentist, and everybody gets gorgeous, healthy smiles.

Better Oral Health for the Entire Family

Our family dentists make it easier and more convenient to monitor your family’s dental health:

One Dentist for Everyone. You can schedule a dental appointment for everyone in the family. Our family dentists are trained to diagnose and treat different kinds of dental diseases.

A Variety of Services. Even if your kids and spouse have different needs — one needs cleaning; the other, sealants; the rest, just check-ups — you only have to visit one clinic. A family dentistry clinic can provide almost all dental procedures you need.

Preventative Care. By going to the dentist as a family, you set an example for your kids. Young members learn the importance of good dental habits, which they observe for the rest of their lives.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our family dentists make the kids’ trip to the clinic fun. We have a gentle hand and the right words to put children at ease.

Get in Touch Today!

Your family will have a wonderful time at Better Dental. Apart from our excellent dental services and friendly staff, our clinic boasts:

  • Easy scheduling. You can call us or schedule a visit online
  • Lots of parking spaces, even for SUVs and minivans
  • Chips, beverages and we can't forget those delicious cookies
  • Netflix and Pandora Radio to keep you entertained as you wait
  • Warm blankets and soft pillows to keep you comfortable
  • Better cost management. We have an in-network status with most dental insurance providers.

Schedule an appointment with our family dentists today! Smile Big, Smile Better!

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