A family dentist is responsible for more than just deep cleaning your teeth. Family dentists are the first line in defense against dental problems and serious illnesses. Part of every checkup includes a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and tongue. This helps your dentist detect gum disease, tartar build up and cavities. As a trained professional, your family dentist can also spot early signs of oral cancer, giving you and your loved ones a better chance of a positive outcome. Your family dentist will also be able to access and provide advice on how to avoid tooth decay and other issues. A family dentist, unlike a pediatric dentist, can treat several issues right from their local office.


By having one family dentist, you have benefits that go beyond clean teeth. Having one family dentist means you will not have to drive to different dental clinics. Whether you have one kid or four, scheduling various appointments is inconvenient. A family dentist can take care of all of your loved one’s dental needs in a single visit and convenient location. Family dentists, like those at Better Dental, are trained to address most dental problems and cosmetic needs. From braces to implants, they can ensure your family’s smiles stay sparkling clean. Additionally, because your family dentist treats everyone in your family, they have a deep understanding of your oral history. This can help them catch problems even earlier and give them a vital background for which to catch future problems before they even start. Furthermore, your family dentist is more likely to work with you and your busy schedule. Whether you work a nightshift or want to make sure your kids miss as little school as possible, your family dentist can help.


Your family dentist in Apex knows how important your family, time, and smile are. At Better Dental, our staff treats every member of your family with courtesy and respect. Whether you have been avoiding the dentist or just have not had the time to schedule your own appointments, we can help.