Better Entertainment

Better Entertainment

Keeping it fun for you

When we built Better Dental, we set out to create a casual and relaxed environment where guests could take a break from their normal day-to-day. That’s why your Better Dental visit will be full of delightful touches at every turn.

We’ve built a little fun into the lobby, and into the treatment rooms. We’ve even been told from parking lot enthusiasts that our parking lot is above par.

But one thing’s for sure: Your Better Dental experience will be worth a repeat performance.

Netflix in Every Room

Laughing gas for your eyes

Whether you’re a Bob’s Burgers fan, a Breaking Bad fiend, or even a Brony, Better Dental‘s got your favorite show or movie streaming in every treatment room. You may find yourself wishing your treatment would last long enough to marathon-watch an entire season. And after watching Netflix in our comfortable reclining chairs, you’ll be wishing you had one for your home theater.

Personalized Pandora Radio

We’re playing your song

Tell us your favorite band or musical genre, and we’ll have a Personalized Radio Station playing in your treatment suite with just a few clicks of the mouse.

And of course, we’ll do our best to remember your preference and queue it up for you next time you visit. And hey — don’t be ashamed to play your favorite guilty pleasures because every treatment suite is equipped with its own Sonos music system, so our other guests won’t be judging your song selection.

Don’t stop . . . belieeeving!

iPad Games

Fun at your fingertips

If you find yourself waiting for a family member, pass the time playing Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies, Flappy Bird, or simply check your email, browse the net, or watch some Netflix, all with the complimentary use of one of the Better Dental iPads.

Toys & Books for Kids

(Things you used to play with)

There’s a reason we designed Better Dental to have a lounge instead of a waiting room.

Our coffee-shop-inspired lounge isn’t just a room for waiting — it’s a room for socializing, playing, and relaxing.

Also, we strive to seat our guests promptly for their appointments, so very little waiting actually takes place at Better Dental. But, if you do have a few minutes to kill, you’ll find that the time flies by when toys, books, and iPads abound. Coloring books and a rotating selection of toys keep kids (and their grownups) content.

After the appointment, kids receive an enchanted doubloon used get to claim their prize from the alluring, majestic prize tower. This is our magical trove of wonders, containing ancient, priceless treasures from far off lands. (Full Disclosure: It is actually a brass token used in our vending machine of bouncy balls, etc.)