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What Bridges Can Do for You

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If you have missing, decaying, or damaged teeth, you may be interested in finding information on procedures that can help you fix those damaged teeth and return your good oral health and confidence that comes with a beautiful smile. One procedure that can help with that is the dental bridge.

About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used in situations where one or more teeth are missing in a row. When there is a large gap that exists between the teeth, a dentist will will opt to replace the missing teeth with a bridge. The reason that it is used when there are multiple teeth missing is because the bridge is made up of three pieces: two or more crowns with a pontic in between.

In the gap, two bridges are placed on either side of the place where the tooth formerly was. In between the two bridges, a pontic — a false tooth — is placed. That pontic can be made of gold, porcelain, or a mixture of materials, with the materials being made to resemble the appearance of a natural tooth for those teeth closer to the front of the mouth.

There are numerous benefits to getting dental bridges. The most important benefit is that the dental bridge returns the patient’s ability to speak and chew properly. When a tooth or teeth are missing, this often affects your ability to chew and speak properly, which can be problematic to your overall health and your confidence. Dental bridges provide a fix for this.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

When it comes to overall health, dental bridges can also provide numerous benefits. When teeth are damaged, decayed, or missing, there are generally spaces into the gums that can allow bacteria to enter. Beyond creating a risk for gum disease, it also creates a risk for the bacteria to enter the bloodstream which can cause further harm to your body. A bridge can help close this, providing an overall health benefit as well.

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Dental bridges are able to help a lot of patients replace damaged and decaying teeth, in the process returning good oral health to the patient and helping build their confidence. If you have missing, damaged, or decaying teeth, talk to your dentist to see if bridges will help you.