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Gum Infection & Deep Tartar Removal


Pain Free – Deep Tartar Removal Under Your Gums

No More Scraping, Planing and Scaling

If it’s been a while since your last dental cleaning, some of the plaque on your teeth may have hardened into a brown, crystalline crust called tartar (or “calculus”). This tartar harbors dental bacterial beneath your gums which can cause a serious infection. This infection destroys the supportive one around your tooth and can eventually lead to the loss of your tooth.

Once tartar has formed, it can’t be removed with regular brushing and flossing. Many people have some degree of tartar build up when they come in for a cleaning, but if your tartar is more extensive, you may be in need of Gum Infection Therapy. Specifically, if the tartar has surrounded the tooth, crept in beneath the gum-line, and begun to cause destruction of your bone, you will need more than a typical Custom Cleaning. During Gum Infection Therapy we offer several types of anesthetic to keep you comfortable during treatment.

Ultrasonic Tartar Removal

Remove tartar, maintain comfort

We’re thrilled to provide our guests with the cutting edge in Ultrasonic Tarter Removal. Our dental hygienists use a high-frequency cleaning hand piece to painlessly shatter any tarter found clinging to the teeth and gums. This brilliantly-designed device oscillates at an incredible 30,000 movements per second – that’s a frequency of nearly two million oscillations per minute – and blasts away grit and grime wherever it’s hiding without sharp instruments, or uncomfortable scaling and scraping. Let’s hear it for advancements in dental technology!

I didn’t have any of the pain or tooth sensitivity I normally get from deep cleanings. I brushed my teeth that night just like I always do. I’m not so scared of the dentist now that I discover this awesome treatment. Thanks Dr Draper and the hygienist that reassured me when I got nervous. You where right – it was easy!

The sound of a healthier smile

You can’t hear it, but maybe your dog can

Sound frequencies that are above the range of human hearing are considered “ultrasonic” (literally “above sound”). At an incredible frequency of 30 Khz, or 30,000 vibrations per second, our Ultrasonic Tarter Removal system literally cleans your teeth with imperceptible sound waves. This ultrasonic gizmo actually generates waves of a high enough frequency to disintegrate rock-hard tartar without any percussive force on the teeth. You may not be able to hear or feel it, but you’ll definitely see the results.

To understand how this works, imagine a wine glass being shattered by the high pitch of an opera singer. These ultra-high pitched sound waves shatter crystallized tartar build up, but are imperceptible, painless, and harmless to your natural teeth. Conventional tartar removal methods rely strictly on sharp scraping instruments being dragged across your teeth which are often painful to your gum tissue.