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Porcelain Is Worth It

All Porcelain Dental Bridges

  • A porcelain dental bridge, will go completely unnoticed by your friends. The only thing they will say is, “You look great. Are you doing something different?”. Your porcelain bridge is your secret. Bridge the gap in your teeth to form a seamless and natural transition between your remaining teeth and the porcelain replacement. The dental bridge requires two adjacent teeth to serve as anchors to support the replacement tooth. The tops of these anchor teeth are trimmed and capped with crowns, and the porcelain replacement tooth is secured to the crown anchors on either side of the empty space. The bridge is then fully cemented to your teeth and becomes a permanent addition to your smile.
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  • Porcelain Dental Implants

  • Your porcelain dental implant is carefully placed exactly where your natural tooth root would have been. We create a sturdy foundation to maintain jaw bone density the supports a beautiful porcelain crown to flawlessly fill in the gap in your smile. We create a flawless smile by color matching your existing teeth. Our dental implant are covered by the Better Dental Guarantee because they are incredibly durable and lasts for decades. Sedation dentistry options are available and often the entire procedure is covered by dental insurance.
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  • Enamel Saving Porcelain Veneers

  • Many people interested in veneers aren’t aware of the key difference between traditional veneers and Better Dental’s non-invasive porcelain veneers. The difference is in the tooth preparation. In conventional veneers, the tooth is aggressively ground down (sometimes only leaving a small nub behind) and then a thick porcelain veneer is placed on top of the tooth. At Better Dental, we take a more conservative approach: We believe in leaving as much of your natural tooth as possible. In many cases, dramatic results can be achieved with as little as 0.5 millimeters of tooth reduction.
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  • Porcelain Fillings

  • Often covered by insurance, porcelain fillings blend seamlessly with your real tooth color and age beautifully. Porcelain fillings require specialized equipment and training but the results of a porcelain tooth restoration speak for themselves. Dr Draper has invested in years of specialized training to provide the most state of the art porcelain restorations.
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  • Porcelain Crown Onlays

  • The porcelain onlay restoration is a partial crown. Thanks to Better Dental’s 3D porcelain-sculpting technology, we are able to create and permanently cement your partial crown usually in a single visit. The preparation for an onlay procedure is not as invasive as a complete crown procedure (thus the “enamel-saving”). By opting for this advanced onlay, we are able to preserve much of the natural tooth that would be lost in the case of a crown. Porcelain partial crowns are an excellent intermediary treatment between a filling and a full crown.
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  • Full Porcelain Crowns In One Visit

  • 3D imaging technology has revolutionized the procedure of creating beautiful, flawless, pain free crowns. What used to require multiple stages of dental impressions, temporary crowns and days at the lab can now be accomplished in one single visit.
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