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Color-Matched Composite Resin Fillings

Color-Matched  Composite Resin Fillings

Goodbye, Metal Mouth

Better Dental’s color-matched fillings, also known as “composite resin fillings,” take advantage of the latest technology in dental materials to create a natural-looking filling that matches the color of your tooth. When decay, chipping, or injury has left your tooth in less-than-perfect condition, we can create a beautiful filling that can make it seem like the damage never even happened.

The Latest and Greatest in Resin Material

Strong, durable, and made to match

Better Dental fillings are made of composite resin. Because composite resin mimics the appearance of natural teeth, it has long been the go-to solution for front-tooth fillings. However, when they were first implemented, resin fillings did not have the same strength and durability of amalgam fillings, so they weren’t recommended for high-pressure chewing that is required of back teeth.

Today, technology has improved to make resins the preferred filling choice for front and back teeth. Some dental insurers do not cover resin fillings and require you to choose metal fillings. Fortunately, Better Dental’s policies allow guests to get resin fillings for front or back teeth, at no additional cost. That’s just the Better Dental way of doing things.

Non-Metallic Dental Fillings

A safe, aesthetic solution

Until about a decade ago, amalgam (metallic) fillings were used by most dentists to repair teeth. Although these amalgam fillings are safe, affordable, and non-toxic, many people were dissatisfied with the metallic look of these fillings. While they still constitute a large portion of fillings done every year in the US, they are losing favor and are beginning to be phased out in the US. For more information about the safety of mercury-amalgam, read this ADA statement.

These days, most poeple are happy to opt for our resin fillings that contains no metal, and can be colored to match your existing teeth. This resin attaches to the natural tooth, sealing itself to the adjoining tooth enamel.

Premium: Our Standard

Doing all we can for your teeth

Amalgam or metallic fillings are often offered as an economy option, and white composite resin as a premium filling. At Better Dental: composite resin fillings come standard. This is just our base standard of care: color-matched, composite resin fillings for every guest, without charging a premium.

Here are a few more reasons we’re proud to make composite resin available for every guest who needs a filling:

  • • Composite resin has high strength, yet does not damage the opposing teeth.
  • • It is attached to the existing tooth structure by bonding, with very high adhesion.
  • • It can be sculpted for a custom fit in your mouth.
  • • It is a strong, durable, yet affordable material for many dental restorations.
  • • Composite resin fillings blend in with the natural teeth.