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There Are Many Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

White teeth appear clean and healthy. A blindingly white smile wins people over. It’s a sign of confidence and good oral health. It is also the top aesthetic concern among many people Therefore, it isn’t surprising that teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatment options among our patients in Cary, NC.

You have three teeth-whitening options to choose from:

  1. Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips and brush-ons
  2. Professional-grade take-home teeth whitening kits
  3. A professional teeth whitening procedure at our Cary clinic
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Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions in Cary, NC

Our Cary doctors understand that patients have various opinions about teeth whitening. Some individuals would prefer to brighten their smiles in the comfort of their own homes. Others would rather schedule a same-day teeth whitening procedure at our dental office. Whichever you choose, we have a professional solution for you.

Our professional teeth whitening solutions thoroughly removes stains without harming your teeth and gums. These are safe and effective procedures that will have you looking and feeling your best every time you smile.

What are the Advantages of Professional Whitening?

Sure, you’d see those over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and toothpaste at the pharmacy.  But how effective are they? Can they match the results of professional-grade teeth whitening?

Our professional solutions guarantee various advantages.

  • Provides fast and noticeable results that last for a long time
  • Thoroughly removes stains and discoloration due to certain foods, drinks, and medications
  • Effectively removes troublesome spots that commonly result from fluorosis

How Does Teeth Bleaching Work?

When you visit our Cary office for a teeth bleaching session, you can expect it to be done within the day. It effectively removes any trace of discoloration due to foods, drinks, prescribed medications, or fluorosis.

We provide home-care instructions, oral hygiene advice, and suggestions on dietary changes to maintain the results. We also suggest routine dental check-ups to help keep your teeth whiter and healthier for longer.

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Which Procedure Works Best for You?

Better Dental may recommend teeth whitening solutions for you. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Look at your options below to see which procedure best suits your needs:

Blue light

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Zoom!2™ Teeth Whitening System is the best choice if you want quick, dramatic results. It’s also a good choice if you don’t want to deal with whitening trays at home.

Our in-office teeth whitening treatment typically lasts for an hour.  One of our experienced dental assistants will cover up your gums and lips for protection. Then, we’ll apply the whitening gel on your teeth. We’ll direct a special light on your teeth to speed up the whitening process.

We’ll shine the light on your teeth for 15 minutes, add some more gel, repeat the process, add a final layer of gel, complete the last 15-minute interval, and there you have it — instantly whiter teeth.

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Take-Home Whitening Kit

If you don’t mind taking it slow and steady, you might want to opt for our Nite White® take-home whitening kit. It’s just as effective as our in-office option, except that it’s more affordable.

The main difference is that our in-office treatment shows results within an hour, and the take-home option takes a few weeks to achieve the same results. This is because the take-home kits have a lower concentration of whitener than the in-office treatment does. But it’s still a higher dose than over-the-counter products.

Affordability aside, this relatively gentle option is ideal for people who are concerned about teeth sensitivity issues.

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Single Tooth Whitening

We offer a single-tooth whitening system that can whiten a tooth by up to 16 shades. It’s an oxygenated whitening gel called KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ which can remove most tetracycline stains.

This treatment works just as well as a professional dental cleaning procedure. It requires a mold of your teeth to customize trays that you will have to wear to sleep for 14 nights. Take note that this is an intensive treatment, so you may expect some post-treatment pain and sensitivity. We recommend follow-up dental visits so we can track your recovery.

This option isn’t appropriate for multiple teeth bleaching. It’s also not advisable for patients with sensitive teeth.

How Do You Maintain a Pearly White Smile?

You’re not alone in your struggle with yellow teeth and dark stains. Better Dental suggests 3 ways to achieve the bright, pearly white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Schedule regular dental cleaning to remove stains.
  2. Discuss your teeth whitening options with our dentists.
  3. Practice good oral hygiene habits and schedule routine check-ups.
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Why Choose Better Dental’s Teeth Whitening Services?

Better Dental has one mission, and that’s to make you smile bigger and better. Pearly white teeth can help with that. So our Cary clinic provides various teeth whitening options for you to consider. In addition to these services, we provide ways to make your visit as rewarding as possible:

  • Lots of parking spaces for you
  • Judgment-free clinic environment
  • Warm blankets and soft pillows for comfort
  • Netflix and Pandora Radio for relaxation
  • Snacks and beverages in the lounge

You’ll leave our office feeling satisfied with the treatment and proud of your bright smile. Come in for a teeth-whitening session today.

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