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Don’t let missing teeth get in the way of your happiness. Let’s discuss how you benefit from a dental bridge.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

Like the name implies, a dental bridge acts as a literal bridge between missing teeth. It closes the gap with the help of dental crowns placed on top of two adjacent teeth that serve as anchors. A bridge can be supported by natural teeth or dental implants. Either way, it becomes a permanent solution for a more beautiful smile.

There are multiple ways you can benefit from a dental bridge:

  • Restore your natural smile
  • Speak and chew properly
  • Maintain your face shape
  • Evenly distribute the force on your bite
  • Prevent remaining teeth from displacement

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Why Consider Getting a Dental Bridge?

Our dentists in Cary, NC understand that missing teeth can take a major toll on your self-esteem. You might have been ready to always smile at anything and anyone before you lost your teeth, but can’t offer anything beyond a tight-lipped greeting now. The effect of missing teeth goes beyond aesthetics, though.

For one, missing teeth can cause remaining teeth to shift around. This might lead to bite misalignment, irregular teeth wear, and uneven jaw stress. Missing teeth can also change your mouth’s shape. In turn, this could affect your speech and lead to bone loss.

Of course, missing teeth also leads to difficulty chewing, affecting your diet.

Better Dental provides porcelain dental crowns that save you from all of these.

What Dental Bridge Options are Available?

Visit our dental clinic to discuss the most suitable type of dental bridge for you.

Traditional Bridge

Traditional bridges involve creating a porcelain crown for the natural tooth on adjacent sides of your missing tooth. The replacement tooth is anchored on these crowns for permanent stability.

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Cantilever Bridge

This option is for when there’s only one neighboring tooth that can support the bridge. Because of the lack of support on both sides, we might suggest dental implants as an alternative.

Dental dentures

Maryland Bonded Bridge

This consists of a porcelain crown with porcelain wings on either side. These wings are bonded to the existing teeth beside them. Maryland bridges typically replace missing front teeth.

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Implant-Supported Bridge

This type of bridge is similar to a traditional dental bridge. The only difference is that it’s supported by dental implants, rather than natural teeth.

What Makes Fixed Bridges a Popular Recommendation?

A dental bridge replaces missing teeth with three or more dental crowns that are attached together. The traditional fixed bridge is the most popular option because of its stability and its natural look. Our dentists often recommend fixed bridges for various reasons:

  • Fill the space caused by your missing teeth
  • Restore your chewing and speaking ability
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting around
  • Maintain the shape and function of your dental arch

Fixed bridge treatment may require at least two visits. We prepare your teeth for the bridge framework during the first appointment. We’ll provide a temporary bridge until your next appointment. At your second appointment, we’ll fit the permanent bridge, make necessary adjustments, and set it in place.

Dental Crown

Visit Our Cary Clinic for a Dental Bridge

Better Dental provides a permanent solution for your missing teeth. Schedule an appointment with us for a dental crown, and we’ll restore your strong, healthy, and confident smile in no time.

Compassionate care aside, here’s what you can expect from our dental facilities in Cary:

  • Easy scheduling via phone call or online form
  • Judgment-free and anxiety-free check-ups
  • Lots of parking spaces outside the office
  • Warm blankets and soft pillows for comfort
  • Netflix and Pandora Radio to help you relax
  • Cookies, chips, and beverages while you wait

Book an appointment today and feel satisfied with your smile when you walk out of our clinic.

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