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A denture or a complete denture as it is often called, is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth, replaces natural teeth and provides support for the cheeks and lips. There’s a huge variety in the materials, style, and quality of denture available, and it’s often hard for people to know who and what to trust when it comes to having their dentures made.

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After considering your goals and lifestyle, you may find a complete denture is your best option for restoring the look and function of your teeth. There are a variety of options when it comes to denture materials and styles. Dr. Draper will work with you to ensure that you find the right fit for your lifestyle and budget — and that your denture fits comfortably.

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At Better Dental in Apex near Morrisville and Cary, NC, we offer the All-on-4 Teeth in a Day procedure, which involves permanently attaching your dentures to four strategically placed dental implants. The All on 4 procedure provides tremendous benefits, greatly improving your oral health while improving your quality of life. The benefits involved can simplify your daily living and make the usual complications with traditional dentures non-existent.


Done In One Day: One of the most amazing benefits of the All-on-4 treatment is that the whole procedure can be completed in one day.

No More Shifting: A troublesome concern with traditional dentures is that they can often shift or fall out, causing you unnecessary embarrassment. Implant-supported dentures are permanently attached to your jawbone with dental implants, and you never need to worry about shifting again.

Eat What You Like: A traditional denture can prevent you from eating a variety of different foods but with implant- supported dentures you can eat whatever you like!

Never Take Them Out: Your oral hygiene is simplified with implant-supported dentures. There is no need to remove the denture for cleaning and you can care for them just as you would care for your natural teeth.

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If you need to have any teeth extracted as part of getting your new denture, there may be a healing period before your ideal denture can be made. In some dental offices in Apex you may have to pay extra to get a temporary denture to wear during your healing. At Better Dental, we decided to include temporary dentures at no extra cost.

We feel that temporary dentures are an essential part of your experience at Better Dental, and we can’t give you the best possible experience if you are forced to either pay extra or go without any teeth during your healing. Dr. Draper will create a temporary denture for you, so you won’t have to spend time hiding your smile or feeling self conscious during the interim period. That’s just the Better Dental standard of care.

Allow us to help you. Better Dental specializes in dentures in Apex, NC, so you can get the dental care you need for an affordable price.



The main benefit is that you can once again have a set of fully-functioning teeth that will look great. Modern dentures are natural looking and fit so much better than they used to.

The issue of a comfortable fit is something that bothers many people who may have experienced the older and less comfortable dentures. But, dental technology has advanced and new materials are being used for dentures which mean a vastly improved set of dentures.

And, you may find that your dentures make you look younger! Tooth loss can cause your face to take on a sunken cheeked appearance but dentures can reverse that by giving your cheeks shape and definition. They can improve your appearance and can help to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming around your mouth.

Dentures make it possible for you to chew more efficiently and eat a wider variety of foods. This is a prerequisite for a balanced diet.



If financial concerns have got you wondering whether you can afford to replace your missing teeth, there’s no cause for alarm or distress. Rest assured and know that Better Dental is your partner in the process. As you consider your treatment options, be aware that there are also financing options and payment plans available to you as our guest.

We’re here to help you make the right dental care decision, whatever that may be. We realize that different options are right for different people, and we care for the overall well being of our guests (which includes their financial well-being).

Our treatment facilitators are able to offer low-interest healthcare loans with 99% approval for financing, even for those with less-than-perfect credit. — And if you are fortunate enough to have excellent credit, you may qualify for zero-interest financing for up to 12 months!

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