Better Dental Cares

We ensure a welcoming, modern and clean environment for our patients. We take great care in planning every detail of your experience to make it successful and stress-free. Our doctors are highly experienced professionals and they truly enjoy working with patients of all ages.

At Better Dental, we strive to make your experience a great one.

Making Dental Visits a Fun Experience

We’re familiar with the story — people don’t like visiting dental clinics because the dental chair makes them nervous. Kids are not fond of dentists and their equipment, and they grow into adults who put off dental issues for so long, they get progressively worse until they no longer have any choice but to go for treatment.

Better Dental gives you an experience that changes this perception. We make dental visits a rather fun experience for both children and grown-ups. You’ll receive judgement and worry-free check-ups. Whatever dental concerns you have — no matter how trivial they seem — we’ll sort them out.

Here’s what dentistry at Better Dental is about:

It’s Convenient. You can call to schedule an appointment or book online. There are lots of parking spaces. It’s convenient you can call to schedule an appointment or easily book online. We’re open 6 days a week — including evenings and Saturdays to fit any schedule! And we, DO accept most major insurances.

You’ll feel at Home. There are soft pillows and warm blankets for kids (and grown-ups, if they need it). Netflix is available in every room, and we have a customizable Pandora Radio.

It’s a very casual atmosphere. In fact, we serve freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (a little bit of sweets won’t hurt, just make sure to brush and floss afterwards!)

We’re Approachable. You can talk to us about anything — sedation, orthodontics, your dental habits. Our dentists believe that compassion and respect is the only way to go when providing dental care. Plus, we’re great with kids!

We help you with financing. Dental care should be accessible to all. We have an in-network status with most major dental insurance providers. We also offer cost-management options such as CareCredit and our own Better Dental in-house financing options which will allow you to set up an affordable payment plan. Cost should never be an impediment to your oral health.

We’re proud to say that many patients have left our clinic with a big grin (check out their stories here). And we’d love to give you that same, gorgeous smile!

Better Dental is simply Better Dentistry

In a nutshell Better Dental is just better dentistry. Judgement free and worry free, better dentistry is about providing top quality dental care that is actually fun. Our patients look forward to their next dentistry appointment. Your cleanest, whitest smile is with in reach.

Cosmetic Dentistry

With flexible scheduling, online booking, and a in-network status with most major dental insurance, we make it easy to get the dental care you need. We also offer plenty of parking.


We make Better Dental a place where everyone feels at home. So, relax and take advantage of some of our complimentary amenities such as soft pillows, warm blankets and more.


Getting back in the habit of seeing the dentist is a good thing and we think it should be judgement free. If you are concerned about pain talk to us about sedation dentistry.


With our casual atmosphere, customizable Pandora Radio, and Netflix available in each room, we do all we can to make going to the dentist FUN!


When its time to pay your bill – dont worry. Better Dental also offers better cost management, billing and financing.

Five Star Reviews

Five-star service isn’t enough. Surprising extras will make your experience unforgettable: 24-hour live support, in room guitar serenades, and fresh-baked signature chocolate chip cookies.

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