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Occlusal Guard: Protection from Unintentional Teeth Grinding

Why is an Occlusal Guard Important? Pain. Pain is one of the most common reasons that a patient comes into our Better Dental practice. And there are numerous factors that can contribute to pain. The mouth moves in two ways. The first is functional movement – which is purposeful movement such as speaking, chewing, and

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Dental Implants: A Superior Investment

As a practicing General Dentist, I often have the opportunity to help our customers decide how to replace missing teeth. Restoring that which was lost is a most rewarding process. When it comes to permanent replacement options, it frequently comes down to either a traditional dental bridge or the latest option, a dental implant. At

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Better Dental is Expanding to Cary!

Coming this Spring, Better Dental is proud to announce the opening of our second location. Having provided our patients with exceptional dental service for some seven years in the city of Apex, we are pleased to announce our expansion into the nearby city of Cary, North Carolina. Our target date is in late April with

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Why Should I Go To The Dentist To Straighten My Teeth?

With all of the direct-to-patient clear aligner companies such as Smile Direct Club, Smilelove, Candid, and Byte, that flood TV commercials and social media, you may ask yourself, “Should I go to a dental office to have my teeth straightened?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.” In order to accurately and appropriately straighten your teeth,

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Tooth Sensitivity

What sensitivity feels like Dental sensitivity is when a healthy tooth nerve gets triggered.  It feels like a short sharp zing type of pain usually in response to chewing or cold, but sometimes flossing, brushing, or heat.  A key feature of sensitivity is it goes away completely within a couple of seconds and does not

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Our dentists improve the way your gums fit at the base of your teeth. This can give you longer-looking teeth, healthier-looking gums, and a prettier smile.

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If you’re not sure what cosmetic procedure would address your concerns, our dentists will give you recommendations. Whatever option you choose, trust that our seasoned dentists will give you a beautiful set of pearly whites.

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