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Dental X-rays: Importance and Safety

Here at Better Dental, some of the most common questions patients ask us relate to dental X-rays: Why do we take them? What are the different types of X-rays? How often do we need to take them?  Are they safe? How much radiation exposure does a dental X-ray yield?  These are great questions and concerns

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Facebook is Wrong: Root Canals are Safe

Myths that root canal therapy (RCT) is dangerous have existed for more than a hundred years. With the help of social media today, these notions based on poorly conducted research in the 1920s are still actively circulating. These unscientific blog posts cling to the idea that RCT leaves you with a “dead” tooth which is

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What is Fluoride Treatment? Should I Accept It? Yes or No?

At the end of every cleaning our hygienists are likely to ask, “Would you like fluoride applied to your teeth, today?”  The most common response is “I am not sure.”  There are certainly a lot of opinions out there regarding fluoride, but all a patient really wants to know about fluoride is this: Is it

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